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The Importance of Keeping Asbuilts Current

As the demand for ever increasing broadband speeds continues to grow, so does the diversity of equipment used in our OSP architectures, as well as the area these systems serve. With the constant need for the expansion of these systems comes continued changes to the existing plant in the field. This has created an even greater need for the completion of asbuilts in order to keep these system and asset maps up to date.

Design & Plant Extensions

In an effort to serve a greater number of customers, a design must take place in order to extend the existing plant. If asbuilts are kept current, this will allow for a more accurate and efficient design. By providing accurate splicing documentation and plant configuration, more cost-effective solutions can be provided to construction crews. Also, keeping OSP maps current will save the walkout crews time, at any given location, during their preliminary walkout, as well as limit the need for unnecessary visits to the target location and the surrounding area for existing plant verification.

Maintenance & Outages

In the event of a service outage or necessary maintenance, it is imperative to get the affected commercial and residential customers back online as quickly as possible. By insuring your maps and partnering documentation are up-to-date, the time needed to restore the damaged plant can be cut significantly. Asbuilts can keep your operation running as efficiently as possible, from preliminary walkout to emergency outage repair, saving your company time and money that can be spent to service new customers.


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