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Walkout Considerations and Necessities to Allow for an Efficient Design

Field technicians and walkout crew are an essential part of every OSP operation. The surveys they provide lay the foundation for an efficient design and construction of new extensions. So what are the necessary requirements from a walkout?

Key Walkout Requirements for Design

  • Tie point or location at which the newly constructed route will connect to the existing infrastructure

  • Full route from tie point to termination

  • All new structure locations including poles, pedestals, vaults, and more

  • The footage between each structure, new and existing, if not already available

  • House count, commercial count, and MDU count at each structure location (actual and potential)

  • Any discrepancies between the current mapping of existing plant and what resides in the field that will affect or may be affected by an new extension

  • Potential future build opportunities should be noted allowing design to choose ideal equipment placements

Acknowledging that each system has its own preferences and varying degrees of existing mapping or documentation will also play a large role in determining further needs of each walkout. Implementing standard expectations from each walkout with the above suggestions, as well as the individual system requirements, can ensure that the most efficient design can be completed.


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